Public Art

The Sword of Peace

Cardigan Castle

This collaboration with the longest serving National poet of Wales Gillian Clarke, and twice crowned bard, Ceri Wyn Jones, is placed in the grounds of Cardigan Castle as a marker for the founder of the Eisteddfod Lord Rhys in 1176. There is a Latin inscription written within the stained glass which says " Sol Lucet Omnibus, Pax Et Lux Vobiscum"  The sun sines upon us all, peace and light be with you.


The Sword of Peace by Ben Dearnley

The Sword of Peace by Ben Dearnley with Gillian Clarke

















The theme of the work is one which is inspired by the words from E, B, Lytton "the pen is mightier than the sword" and the poems are written one in English and the other in Welsh. These unique works of art come together in this one sculpture. The work stands as a testimony to Lord Rhys's inspirational concept of gathering together in celebration of our different creative cultures.