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The 'Avenue of Champions' has been a great success, shown at Salisbury Cathedral during the summer of 2012 and then a 2 month show with Hampshire County council. With over 100,000 visitors enjoying a hands on experience of these sculptures of my chosen athletes.


A short studio film by theinternational film maker Shelley Williams "Fragments of Time"




The final 2012 Olympic sculpture, Legacy 2012

Legacy London 2012 to Rio 2016 Legacy London 2012 Legacy 2012

 The Cloisters at Salisbury Cathedral, summer of 2012


Ben Dearnley Salisbury Cathedral 


This set of works joins Olympian and Paralympian in a unique series of fragmented sculptures that unites these amazing athletes. The LONDON 2012 Games has been a landmark event for the UK and the Avenue of Champions was a part of the United Kingdom's celebrations of what is good in the world.  


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Ben Dearnley Salisbury Cathedral


Avenue of Champions



Sir Sebastian Coe " Who said art and sport don't mix" 25/02/10

Fatima Whitbread "Master pieces, the true Olympians!" 01/03/10

Vitorio Felsky, Brasil "You are a transcendent artist!, congratulations" 16/02/10



Ben with Mark Foster, Leon Taylor, Ade Adepitan MBE and Steve Williams OBE at the opening launch of Ben's 2009 show at the Belgravia Gallery, London UK.


My work here is an exploration into the world of our current top Olympic and Paralympics athletes. My desire is to create a series of sculptures which will honor their achievements, reflect their commitment and unites them in their quest to the top of podium. 


The sculptures will aim to hold a part of the key to the athletes power zone: which I see as pivotal to them being the best in the world at what they do. Each work is a collaboration with the athlete to gain an understanding of their body's action and to capture the 'moment' in a fragmented form. They are today's 'Modern Day Heroes'.


These sculpture works are forming a crucial part of my journey to find a unity of form within the material, balanced with the expression of strength and beauty of the individual athlete. It is a constant inspiration to me personally and I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in this project including my team.


Team BCD: Ellie Sandford-Hawken, Andrew Hayes and Nathan Morris. Also Simon Welstead and Mike Bret (Bristol Foundry) and Michael Werbicki for all their help with the bronze casts and amazing patination.


As we head towards the London 2012 Games I look forward to adding more beautiful bodies to this series. I truly feel we are blessed with the good fortune to be here in this moment to witness these superb athletes achieving their dreams and I wish them all every success in their ventures.


The picture gallery holds images of my casting sessions with:

Christine Ohuruogu MBE Olympic, World and Commonwealth champion

Debbie Flood, Olympic 2004/08 Silver Medalist Rowing

Steve Williams OBE, Olympic 2004/08 Gold Medalist Rowing, Leander Rowing Club

Ade Adepitan MBE, Paralympics wheelchair medalist & basketball Champion.

Mark Foster, 5 times Olympian and too many World titles to mention

Alex O' Connell Olympic Fencing...( You can read Alex's BLOG here )

Louis Smith, Gymnast Olympic Bronze medalist 2008

Lee Pearson OBE, MBE, Paralympics Dressage, outstanding 9 gold titles

Leon Taylor, Olympic medalist Diving

Matt Price, UK Karate Grand Masters Champion with 13 consecutive titles was the inspiration for the Legacy 2012 sculpture.