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International Festival in Montaigu-De Quercy August 4-9 2014

Carving the big head


The festival of stone originates form this beautiful region of southern France with Laurent Donnadieu organising the events for a week of art, music and dance. The following images show something of the monumental task of creating a giant with a mission... This collaboration was created with Duncan Elliott and a lot of help from my friends in France, Vincent, David, Romain to name just a few.


Up and away       On the move

Thank you to Laurent for inviting me to take part in this extraordinary event and all the team for making it a great experience. The giant puppet will be going on tour in 2015.


The taster session 2012 



I took part in the Bristol Festival of Stone Live carving day, with special guests Hayley Diamond (UK Team) and the amazing French team from Southern France.


This proved to be a great taster of what is to come in 2013.


A fantastic day was had by all and a fitting start to the coming Festival. We even had the media attending that day carving stone for the first time which was very entertaining! Good luck to everyone who gets a place and all those in the organising team and may the Gods send clement weather for the duration of the Festival.




Laurent Donnadieu and Ludovic Roux                 Hayley Diamond