Highfield Developments: Southbrook House, Newbury.


Bacardi, The Bombay Spirits Co, Hampshire a Thomas Heatherwick design 


Prince's Trust, The Gift


City of Bath, Olympian MMXII 


Welsh Assembly, Ceredigion County Council, Borth, The Bell Ringers Stone


Festival of Stone, France, 2014 Montaigu-De Quercy


Tennis Girl, the iconic poster girl turned to gold


City of Bristol, Ashton Court Estate, Father of the Bicycle for Sustrans


AVIVA,  London head office, 1 Undershaft EC1 Christine Ohurougu, bronze

British Telecomm, London BT Tower, Lee Pearson, Paralympic Dressage Champion



Please see below for the full gallery of commissioned works.


Clients quotes. 2014 Bacardi, Hampshire.


''Ben, your work has been an incredible addition to this huge project and I can't say thanks enough!  We take great care and skill in the craft of our gin and you are also a real craftsman, who takes great pride in what they do - and does exceptionally beautiful work!  Thank you for bearing with us on this tricky project and for all the elements you were able to add....the plaque and the wall etching are centre pieces now, and will be for centuries to come!  Laverstoke has so much rich history through the Portals, but through your work (and it's permeance) Bombay now weaves seamlessly into the site for eternity.  I expect your works to feature in thousands of photo's of our visitors so cannot thank you enough!"


Will Brix Estate Manager for Bombay Sapphire, Laverstoke Mill, Hampshire


Clients quotes from 2012  


'Having seen Ben's work in Bath, a major piece for the city as well as a major piece for a charity, we had no hesitation in commissioning Ben to create a garden 'master piece'.


 We actually feel privileged to have met Ben and commission a piece from a 'living' artist that exceeded our expectation.


We knew we would have to fall in love with our 'piece' of sculpture to make it special to us...... and we have!


We could not put a price on what we now own. It is personal and comes with a story. We love it.

Thank you Ben."






Please contact me if you would like to discuss any ideas you might have for creating a unique sculpture for you. I am always happy to discuss commissions, be they large, corporate, public, or smaller personal works, with any collaborative input from my clients welcomed.